Thailand – Amphawa 水上市場

This is our second time to Amphawa because last time it was just a quick 3 hours day trip and we felt we didn’t explore everything. Therefore, this time we decided to stay here for one night! The reason we love about Amphawa is that there are less tourists but more local tourists in this market, so we can understand more about local culture.

We arrived at noon time and it was too hot to walk around so we eventually found a foot massage place and afterwards went back to hotel to rest for a while. Surprisingly, there are only two massages here and both are at the very front of the main street.

One day is just perfect for us to explore every shop, I think we walked around the whole street for around 4 times and we got the chance to eat all the food we want!



If you stay one night here, you must wake up earlier the next morning because you can see monks in the temple rowing boats to collect food from the residents. Most of our local Thai guests have prepared food package to give to the monks. There are shops which sell these food package for monks and it includes soft drinks and some rice. I can see the boats are full of the same packages and I wonder if it would be better if everyone can buy some vegetables or daily ingredients which I believe is more needed than soft drinks.



Early Monday morning stroll is the best because you can see the life of the locals. Thai likes to sit on the grounds and eat meals. I saw many kids and families sitting in their house having breakfast and ready for school. The life during week days are quiet and calm, in contrast with the life of weekend when the markets open and tourists flood in.



The river is essential to the locals. They wash clothes, dishes, food in the river. Tourists also come to see how people live a life besides the river. It doesn’t seems clean but both the residents and us are fine after eating a lot of food 😀 I actually see this huge creations swimming in the river that morning and scared me! I wonder what else there are inside this amazing and important river.



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