Kyrgyzstan quick tips 吉爾吉斯懶人包

– Bishkek -> Friends guest house (Moskovskaya 250, 720040 Bishkek)
the owner is super nice and helpful, room is clean, near Osh Bazaar
– Karakol -> Bed & Breakfast Nice (Abdrahmanov Street 81a, 722200 Karakol)
the owner speaks great English, the room is the most modern and clean ever
– Bishkek -> Friends guest house (Moskovskaya 250, 720040 Bishkek)
老闆人超級好又很幫忙,大的房間滿舒適的,靠近 Osh Bazaar
– Karakol -> Bed & Breakfast Nice (Abdrahmanov Street 81a, 722200 Karakol)

Sim card:
very cheap, can try Beeline, internet need to top up every week


Restaurant recommendation:
 – Bishkek -> Furusato: the best japanese food ever, great quality and service
– Karakol -> Cafe Kench: near B&B Nice, the nasi goreng and pasta is great
– Bishkek -> Furusato: 超好吃又新鮮的日本料理,老闆人非常熱情,必去!
– Karakol -> Cafe Kench: 義大利麵和Nasi Goreng超好吃

Cafe Kench

Money exchange:
Unlike Uzbekistan, here you can just exchange in the bank

Alternative tours/homestay options:
CBT and Shepherd’s life are good choices in villages outside of big cities
大城市以外的地方都可以在CBT或是Shepherd’s life 找住宿和導遊

 – Bishkek -> only in the capital, you can download the app called
just find the place you want to go in the map, it will show you where and which Marshrutka to take. We found it very useful and marshrutka only cost 10 som per time
– Long distance travel -> We took marshrutka because it’s much cheaper than shared taxi. Note that there are not many places for luggage in marshrutka.
– Bishkek to Arslanbob -> we took private taxi, because it is 10 hours ride so we want to be more comfortable. We tried to call Boi who is a driver recommended from the internet. Our guest house owner helped to talk to him because he doesn’t speak English. He arranged his friend to pick us up because he can’t make it, and the price is around 4000 to 5000 som which our guest house owner thought it’s reasonable. The other agencies and even CBT provided a fairly unreasonable price, almost three times! Boi’s number: 0773430777
– 在Bishkek, 可以下載一個叫bus.kg的app,只要在地圖上點選你要去的地方,它會告訴你可以搭的小巴和路線圖,非常方便! 而且搭乘小巴一次只要10 som
– 長途的交通我們都是坐小巴 marshrutka,因為便宜又方便,只是會比較擠
– 只有從Bishkek 到 Arslanbob 因為十小時的車程我們找了一台車載我們,在網路上找到了叫做 Boi的司機電話: 0773430777 可以試試,因為他不會英文所以我們請民宿老闆幫我們講,價錢大概4000-5000 som,民宿老闆覺得合理。我們也問了其他旅行社和CBT,開價都是兩三倍以上!
– 對了! 中亞的擋風玻璃破裂是很常見的,我們坐的車80%都有裂痕,因為路況不好乾脆不修理,形成這樣特別的風景 🙂


Best seasons:
it’s better to go before end of Sep. We were in some places during beginning of Oct but it’s rather cold or less convenient to find transportation etc due to less tourists. And it’s really cold in the mountain.

Suggested days to travel:
We stayed 16 days in Kyrgyzstan and we also suggest the same period for others who want to visit. This is a big country and it takes time to travel from place to place and it’s worthy to spend more time to enjoy the view and relax, so it would be best to stay more than 2 weeks so that you won’t be tired and will have fun. People are really nice and it’s safe to travel, and the mountains and lakes are fantastic!

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