Granada Graffiti & Street Art 格拉那達塗鴉街頭藝術半日遊

在 Granada 的最後一天,我們終於翻開了 lonely planet,讀到 Granada 有一位出名的街頭畫家 El Niño (真名是 Raúl Ruíz) 在 Realejo 區創作了很多作品,我很喜歡街頭塗鴉,總覺得它讓城市變得很有親切感又可愛,所以我們決定把這最後一個陽光周六的午後獻給了這個藝術家。

On our last day in Granada, we finally opened lonely planet and learned that there is a very famous graffiti artist El Niño de las Pinturas (real name Raúl Ruíz) who has a lot of creations around Realejo area. I always like to see street art because I felt it makes the city cute and welcoming, therefore we decided to dedicate our last sunny Saturday afternoon to El Niño de las Pinturas.

El Niño de las Pinturas
路線參考 Reference: Lonely Planet
長度 Length: 2.5 km (腳程約2小時)

從古老的摩爾大門入口開始 (Puerta de Elvira),旁邊的 Bar Izaroend 是第一站,Bar 的牆上有三個在夕陽中划船的人們,反射著夕陽的海面讓我驚嘆這塗鴉的技術。

Starting from the old Moorish gate “Puerta de Elvira, our first stop is the Bar Izaroend just beside the gate. There are three people rowing the boat under the sunset.


沿著這條 Tapas 街 (Calle de Elvira),來到了我們每天必經的”茶店的路” (Calle de las Teterías),這裡有許多阿拉伯風格的茶屋和餐廳,還有很多阿拉伯風格的紀念品店。再往前走就會抵達著名的 Plaza Nueva 廣場,繼續轉入 Calle Pavaneras 就到了街頭藝術最蓬勃發展的地區了!

Follow the street of Tapas (Calle de Elvira), we arrived at the street of teahouse where we passed it everyday. There are many teahouse and restaurants of Arabic style and shops. Then continue straight, pass through Plaza Nueva, you will find yourself in the districts with the most graffiti arts.

P1110293 (複製).JPG

Hicuri Art Restaurant 是一間素食餐廳,它的內部和外部都是由 El Niño 操刀設計的。
Hicuri Art Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant, both inside and outside were designed by El Niño.


素食餐廳對面的 Bar Candela 也幸運的獲得同樣的對待,側牆有一群佛朗明哥舞者正看著吃飯的人呢!
The Bar Candela across the street also has the graffiti where a group of flamenco dancers were watching the people eating and drinking!


沿著主街走,來到 Hotel Molinos,我們找到了作者最大最出名的創作 – 羅丹的沉思者。
Follow the main street, you will arrive at Hotel Molinos where there is the largest and most famous creation: Rodin’s thinker.


通過 Realejo的主要廣場,可以看到教堂 Iglesia de San Cecilio。
Through the main square in Realejo, you can see the church Iglesia de San Cecilio.


回到主要街道 Calle de Molino 繼續往前走可以看到貓頭鷹和吹泡泡的男孩。這個貓頭鷹真的美呆了!
Back to the main street (Calle de Molino), you will soon see the owl and a boy blowing bubbles. The owl is a fantastic painting!


之後來到 Colegio Santo Domingo,這間學校的整面牆都是塗鴉,但其實只有拉小提琴的男子, 爵士樂手和一個女孩的臉才是 El Niño 的作品,其他的都是別的藝術家後來增加的,但也是好美。
The next stop is Colegio Santo Domingo, the walls are full of graffiti, but actually the real work by El Niño are the paintings of an old man playing violin, the American jazz trumpeter (Louis Armstrong) and a girl’s face.

p1110324-%e8%a4%87%e8%a3%bdP1110326 (複製).JPG

After a few hundred meters, you will see a plaza with 6 trees. On the left side there are paintings of singers and guitarists.


The final stop is just a bit walking under the plaza where you see a big graffiti on the ruined and weird shaped wall. This is my favorite!


看完了這麼多塗鴉作品,心情真是好極了! 不論是再髒、再破舊的建築或牆,只要加上了充滿色彩的塗鴉,都像是給予這個地方新的生命、重新開始的機會,也讓這個城市更有活力和創造力。當然除了這位有名的藝術家,我們在路上也看到很多優秀的作品,雖然不知道作者是誰,但還是想分享給大家。

Seeing these graffiti made my day! No matter how dirty or old the buildings and walls were, they can have a second chance with these paintings! It also makes the city more lively and creative. Besides the artworks of this famous artist, we also saw a lot of beautiful graffiti that we would like to share with you!


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