One-day Trip in Perth & Fremantle

It was a short day trip in Perth and Fremantle because our target was margaret river and we only had 4 days in total. We didn’t get a chance to see the city much, the only two places we visited in Perth were Kings park and a restaurant called Tony Roma’s which was recommended by our hotel staff. The city itself seems to be relaxed and calm, I can feel that it must be a nice city to live in. The morning on our way to Kings park, I could see a lot of people walking and running.

這次的旅行只有四天, 飛機時間又不好, 真正可以逛伯斯+弗里曼特爾的時間只有一天, 所以我們逛了兩個地方: 在市中心的餐廳吃晚飯, 還有第二天早上去逛國王公園 (Kings park). 我們走在路上看到很多人在運動, 感覺是個適宜人居又悠閒的城市. 八月來澳洲果然是很冷阿..

P1060227 P1060228 P1060232 P1060235

Kings Park 真的超大的, 剛好看到一家生意很好的咖啡廳, 就進去買了一杯咖啡, 如果下次可以在這邊吃早午餐看風景感覺很不錯!!

Kings Park is really big!!!! There was a cafe inside the park and looked packed, so we bought a cup of coffee here. Next time we would love to have brunch here like everyone else!!

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Margaret River – Lovely Wine Tour

從伯斯開車到瑪格麗特河大約是三個半小時的車程, 我們在伯斯市中心的 Hertz 租了一輛車, 動作超慢的Hertz一如往常的浪費了我們將近一小時的時間才完成租車手續. 這次我們有租借GPS, 所以我不用像上次一樣眼睛緊盯著手機看路. 因為我們是晚上開車, 路上又一直出現小心袋鼠的標誌, 當時真的超怕會有袋鼠衝出來. 根據當地人的提醒, 如果不幸看到袋鼠在路中央, 請務必握緊方向盤就直線撞下去!!!!! 千萬不要轉換車道, 之後可以的話再把袋鼠屍體拖離路中央… 果然我第二天就在路邊看到一隻超大的袋鼠屍體..

任何來到瑪格麗特河的旅客都是為了品酒和買酒, 所以來到這邊許多人會選擇參加一日團. 我們選擇了在Trip Advisor 評價很好的Margaret River Tours 一日團, 從早上10點到下午5點. 雖然價錢不便宜, 但是我們覺得很值得, 除了導遊Andrew非常幽默盡責, 他認真介紹酒莊和分享葡萄酒知識都讓我們學到很多, 可惜許多專有名詞聽不懂.. ;p

Margaret River Tours

Last time we were in Hunter Valley, this time we visited Margaret river to experience different winery! The drive from Perth to Margaret river is around 3.5 hours.. and in the evening, it was dark and boring.. we were so scared to bump into kangaroos but luckily none of them were on the road 🙂 Locals told us that if this happens, you must drive straight over it otherwise it will be dangerous to you and other drivers.. but we still couldn’t imagine what we will react if it ever happens…

We joined a famous local day tour called “Margaret River Tours” because we don’t want to get drunk and drive. There were 8 of us, just the right number for a good trip, and we were lucky to have Andrew with us. He is really passionate, nice, fun and professional.

今天我們這團有8個人, 兩對澳洲人和一對英國人. 其中一對澳洲夫妻說他們每年都來這裡補貨, 所以在每個酒莊他們都會買酒. 而我們則是因為新加坡的酒精管制沒辦法大買特買!!

1st Stop: Stella Bella P1060332 P1060334 P1060336

從上面的照片就可以看出Stella Bella是一間小酒莊, 我們特別喜歡它的酒標和小巧可愛的店. 這個地區有名的白酒是Chardonnay, 紅酒則是Cabernet Sauvignon. 我們試了三白三紅, 但因為這是第一站, 還無從比較, 所以沒有買酒, 但是到了最後才發現這家的白酒我們最喜歡, 所以第二天還特地開車回來這家買了一瓶2012 Chardonnay 白酒.

Our first winery is a small one called Stella Bella. We extremely like its brand logo. The famous grapes in this region are Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. We tried 3 white and 3 red, and since it was the first stop, we decided not to buy any bottle yet. Eventually we found that Stella Bella is our favorite so we actually came back the next day to pick up a Chardonnay.

Tasting List:

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Blue Mountains – Sydney


Blue mountains is about two hours drive from Sydney. The water vapor makes the place looks BLUE so that’s why they call it Blue mountains. Scenic World is our first destination and it had a really long queue in the ticket reception when we arrived. As the staff recommended us, we first took the cable way and saw the spectacular view of Blue Mountains. Then we walked around the forest and take the railway back to the top. The railway was quite scary for me!! It was really steep!!!




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Hunter Valley – the heaven of wine

When you see vineyard, you know you arrive at Hunter Valley.P1040439

Hunter valley is famous for its wine. Especially the Semillon and Shiraz. We spent one morning in the wine school. It was so much fun to learn about wine tasting and we tried so many kinds of white and red wine. We even got a certificate after the class.

Wine school website:


The wine school also provides room to stay, but we stayed in another guest house called “Splinter’s Guesthouse”. There are only 3 rooms and the room is really lovely and Bobby, the owner provided us delicious cheese and dessert wine! It was really amazing and relaxing just to sit outside while enjoying the wine during the evening. The place is very calm and I felt so close to the nature! The breakfast prepared by Bob was so delicious!!

Splinter’s Guesthouse website:

P1040406  P1040417

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Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney

First day of 2014, we visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park which is around 50 min drive from Sydney City center. There are 3 main zoo near Sydney. I saw a lot of good comments on this one and it allows tourists to touch the koala for free, so we decided to come here! This zoo is not big but we still stayed there for 4 hours! A lot of animals were just outside walking around with the tourists. I also saw some interesting creatures which didn’t exist in Asia. The kangaroos were so lazy and laid down almost all day… 


The koala is super adorable!!!! They are mostly sleeping as well but in all kinds of cute gestures!!! There is a Koala Sanctuary place where we can touch them and take a photo with them!



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Campos, Surry Hills, Circular Quay in Sydney

A very exciting morning cause finally I can visit Campos Coffee!!! I’ve read so many good comments about it and fortunately it opens during new year.. unlike the rest of the cafe I found are all closed… Campos Coffee only opens in the morning during NYE, and we came all the way to Newtown just to taste the delicious coffee. IT’S TRUE!!! The coffee here is amazing!!! I can say it’s the best I’ve ever tasted!!!! I had affogato and the espresso with ice cream are totally a perfect match!!! I also tried Latte and it was fantastic too!!! I will definitely come back to Sydney for my Campos coffee again 🙂  P1040223 P1040225 P1040227

Later, we walked around Surry Hills. It is a very relaxing area with a lot of lovely little houses! Definitely enjoyable just to look at those houses and maybe try another cup of coffee along the way.

P1040103 P1040104 P1040106 P1040107 P1040108

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