A vibrant city – Seoul

Korea is about 2 hours flight from Taiwan, which makes it a must go country for Taiwanese. I’ve never been there because I always feel it’s easy to go, until this time we are going to Central Asia, and most flights depart from Korea, that’s why I finally have the excuse to transit in Seoul for a short 3 days.

Korea is familiar to me because of all the Korean dramas. I didn’t watch a lot of them, but I really love the language. It’s on my to-learn list! First impression of the city is modern and convenient, actually not very different from Taiwan except for the traditional palaces located everywhere.

3 days is really short so I can only visit two most important palaces and try as many food as I can. Luckily I also have enough time to meet a few old friends.

This is my first time to try airbnb, we stayed near Gyeongbokgung, and this is the area I would suggest people to stay, because it’s really convenient and easy to go to most places. From the airport, you can take bus no. 6011 (cost KRW 10,000) and takes about 1 hour to arrive Gyeongbokgung directly.


A friend of ours took us to Han river to experience local life. Han river is really big and Korean like to go there during weekend or holiday with family and friends, you can stay in a tent (but not overnight), ride a bike and enjoy picnic. It’s comfortable to walk along the river and see people sit along the river and order fried chicken, buy beer and instant noodles. It’s interesting to see the only few convenient stores flooded with people, beer, and instant noodles!! Also motorbikes delivering fried chicken under the bridge.

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