Thailand – Amphawa 水上市場

This is our second time to Amphawa because last time it was just a quick 3 hours day trip and we felt we didn’t explore everything. Therefore, this time we decided to stay here for one night! The reason we love about Amphawa is that there are less tourists but more local tourists in this market, so we can understand more about local culture.

We arrived at noon time and it was too hot to walk around so we eventually found a foot massage place and afterwards went back to hotel to rest for a while. Surprisingly, there are only two massages here and both are at the very front of the main street.

One day is just perfect for us to explore every shop, I think we walked around the whole street for around 4 times and we got the chance to eat all the food we want!



If you stay one night here, you must wake up earlier the next morning because you can see monks in the temple rowing boats to collect food from the residents. Most of our local Thai guests have prepared food package to give to the monks. There are shops which sell these food package for monks and it includes soft drinks and some rice. I can see the boats are full of the same packages and I wonder if it would be better if everyone can buy some vegetables or daily ingredients which I believe is more needed than soft drinks.



Early Monday morning stroll is the best because you can see the life of the locals. Thai likes to sit on the grounds and eat meals. I saw many kids and families sitting in their house having breakfast and ready for school. The life during week days are quiet and calm, in contrast with the life of weekend when the markets open and tourists flood in.



The river is essential to the locals. They wash clothes, dishes, food in the river. Tourists also come to see how people live a life besides the river. It doesn’t seems clean but both the residents and us are fine after eating a lot of food 😀 I actually see this huge creations swimming in the river that morning and scared me! I wonder what else there are inside this amazing and important river.



Bangkok – Wat Pho & Sala restaurant

前幾次去曼谷都是按摩吃東西和逛街,待的時間也很短,沒認真逛過什麼景點,每次大家問什麼地名我都羞愧的說沒去過… 這次總算能和大家來介紹一個歷史景點 — 臥佛寺了!

其實原本計畫要去皇宮,但是人多到不可思議,而且忘記要穿長褲,門口的警衛看到我們的短褲直用中文加手勢說:「不可以!」租借長布的地方更是大排長龍,只好放棄改進攻隔壁人比較少的臥佛寺。果然廟如其名,一進到室內就看到金光閃閃又巨大的躺臥佛像,這是泰國最大的臥佛像,實在是太壯觀了!從頭看到腳大概也要慢慢走個五分鐘耶!外面也是很大,有許多尖塔。最特別的是這裡有一個按摩學校,感覺就是專業且價格合理,但沒想到超級熱門需要排一個多小時… 只好作罷!

I haven’t really got a chance to seriously visit historical sites in Bangkok, and finally this time I went to Wat Pho, one of the oldest temples with the biggest lay down Buddha in Thailand. The Buddha sculpture is shinning and HUGE!! There is also a famous Thai massage school, but we had to queue for more than one hour so we just gave up. We were supposed to go to the palace, however we forgot to wear long sleeves and there were too many people so we decided to go to Wat Pho and it was a nice place to visit.


We had dinner at a restaurant near Wat Pho, and it was the best place I’ve ever been to in Thailand!! First, there is a sky bar where you can have some drinks and enjoy Bangkok view before sunset. Then you can go down to taste the best fusion of Thai and western food. We had a fantastic time there, the food was perfect and the view was amazing!!




Sala rattanakosin

這次覺得曼谷越來越多人會說中文真是不可思議!還遇到一個司機可以用簡單的中文跟我們介紹景點,可是司機大部份還是很黑心.. 怎麼樣都不肯跳表!一開價都是獅子大開口,嘟嘟車就更不用說了,有時候飯店都說是跳表,一上車卻馬上改口講價,每次殺價實在也是很煩阿!!



This is my first time to Phuket, but this place is not really impressive for me.. To be honest, I prefer Krabi much more!! It’s a famous place to visit in Thailand, because of the beaches and the surrounding islands.

The most popular street in Phuket should be Bangla Road. Well.. it seems not popular during daytime but if you go there again in the evening, it will become a totally different place — the red light district!!! A lot of crazy stuffs are going around here!! P1060368 P1060371 P1060372 P1060374

Toward the end of the street, you will find yourself in Patong Beach. P1060376

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Krabi Thailand – Beach Heaven Part 2

Today we were excited to start our tour because we booked the top 1 private tour on Trip advisor – Andaman Camp and Day Cruise. We were very lucky to have the owner Sun as our guide. He is very passionate and nice, and also speaks good English. The long-tail boat was very clean and big. Six of us could sit comfortably. Sun prepared lots of water and drinks in case we got thirsty, so all we need to bring was towel & suntan lotion!!

今天我們訂了Trip Advisor 評價最高的一日行程 Andaman Camp and Day Cruise, 一大早司機就開雙條車來民宿接我們, 彩色的車和期待的心!!! 出發!!!   DSC05335

我們超幸運是由老闆Sun來帶我們, 他是Elizabeth (負責寫信連絡的老闆娘) 的老公, 道地Krabi 人, 另外跟著我們的還有兩名可愛的少年船員. Sun非常的熱情又有趣, 英文也講得很好! 我們就在他英勇的帶領下坐著長尾船出發了! 不得不說 這船真的很乾淨又很大, 6個大人坐在裡面非常舒服, 想翹腳 睡覺 都沒問題, 他們也準備了喝不完的水和飲料, 整艘船都屬於我們的感覺實在是太棒了! P1060124 P1060158

We passed by many islands, and Sun knows all of them! We started our trip by kayaking around Hong Island and into the lake inside the island. It took us around 1 hour and it was really hot and tiring for me!!! We were surrounded by purple jellyfish so I didn’t dare to put my hands into the ocean. There were a lot of ppl swimming in the lake area but we went directly to the beach nearby for some rest.

一路上經過的島實在太多了無法細說, Sun說他知道每一個島的名字, 因為他從小就出海, 所以對這裡非常熟悉. 趁著體力還充沛的時候, 我們開始從 Hong Island 外圍划獨木舟繞一小段外圈然後進入缺口裡的小湖, 從小小的缺口進入裡面的小湖就像是進入了一個房間, 這也是為什麼這個島叫做Hong Island, 因為Hong是泰文的房間的意思. 我們大概划了快一個小時的獨木舟, 真的手好痠!! 因為太陽直射又沒有遮蔽, 真的超級熱, 加上周遭完全被紫色小水母包圍, 完全不敢把手伸到海裡.. 進到小湖的時候, 看到很多人在游泳, 不過我們沒有停下來, 就接著滑到Sun指示的旁邊沙灘邊休息.

P1040399P1040382P1040386  下面這張是小湖的情景 The lake in Hong Island P1040407

這是Hong Island的缺口P1040408

旁邊我們休息的沙灘  the beautiful beach that we stayed for a whileP1040458

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Krabi Thailand – Beach Heaven Part 1

Krabi is a perfect place if you are looking for somewhere to lie down near the ocean, think nothing but just relax. This is the reason why we came here. We flew Tigerair from Singapore to Krabi and arrived early in the morning which is just great to start the day!
如果你想要在海邊放空或是穿梭在各個美麗的小島上浮淺和划船, 來喀比就對了!有藍天白雲和美麗的海底生物, 加上好客熱情的泰國人, 絕對可以玩得很開心!

We stayed at Tolmaj Family Apartment. It’s highly recommended for group because it can accommodated more than 10 people and it has huge living room, kitchen and tons of DVD. There are 6 of us so the owner gave us access to First & second floor. It’s around 15-20min walk to the local beaches, but maybe 30 min walk to the shopping area, so it might not be too convenient for family with kids or elderly. The owner also offers transportation services to/from the airport. Ground floor is actually a steak house run by the owner, but we didn’t get a chance to try this time.
我們住的Tolmaj Family Apartment 非常適合一大群人住, 因為那整棟有三層樓, 裡面大概可以住20幾個人都沒問題. 我們六個人住, 當天也沒有別的客人, 老闆讓我們使用兩層樓真是綽綽有餘. 裡面有很大的廚房和客廳, 加上一堆DVD, 一樓還有老闆經營的牛排館, 走路到海邊只要15分鐘, 還滿方便的. 缺點可能是附近沒什麼吃的, 要到主要逛街區走路的話要30分鐘, 相對比較不方便. 民宿老闆是荷蘭人, 定居在那邊很久了, 主要目標是將它的牛排館成為Krabi重要地標(應該已經達成),可惜這次沒機會吃到.

When we first see the beach, we just gone crazy cause it’s soooo beautiful and clear!!!!
炎熱的午後在我們終於看到海邊的那一刻, 忍不著尖叫!!!!!終於看到清透的海了!!!

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Chiang Mai – about elephants

The best experience in Chiang Mai was to hang out with elephants. There are in general two types of elephant groups you could visit here. One is more tourist, with elephant shows and riding elephants with chairs. The way people train elephants are crucial and not what elephants are supposed to do.. and putting chairs on the elephants make them very uncomfortable.. so I strongly suggest elephant lovers to join another group which is very animal friendly, cause these group owners buy elephants being tortured, and then take care of them. These kind of groups usually is more expensive, but you really get the chance to play with the elephants without hurting them. We joined one center called “Ran-Tong” save & rescue elephant centre. Half day trip is 1600 Baht including riding elephants, feeding and bathing them. One day trip is 2400 Baht which the activities are mostly the same but with longer time. In this camp, they don’t chain the elephants or forced them to do any skills, and the people here are really very nice and patient to the elephants! I can see elephants running around and being naughty sometimes, really cute!!

P1040055 P1040060 P1040061 P1040063 P1040078

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Chiang Mai – about markets and food

It seems like everyone has been to Thailand and everyone gave positive feedback on Thailand. Finally I was able to travel to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in August this year!! We went to Bangkok for a short day in order to transfer domestic flight to Chiang Mai.

Basically it would be better to visit Chiang Mai during weekend because there are Saturday and Sunday walking street (market). There is another daily opened night market called “Night Bazaar” but I found it not interesting at all. As for weekend markets, it was overwhelming with cute designer work and I felt like I am paying for souvenirs every 10 min.. ;p

Saturday market: at Wualai Road near Chiang Mai gate. (smaller scale)
P1030971 P1030972 P1030973 P1030975

When the night market started to play National song, everyone including the tourists will stand still during the song, which was really a interesting scene. P1030976

We tried a lot of street food and found the best Thai food sold by this old lady! A small portion is 20 Baht and we came back and bought two more cause it’s just too good!!! P1030979 P1030983 P1030986 P1030988

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