Weekend Getaway – Malacca eat eat eat trip Part 2

We stayed at a guest house just besides Malacca River, which is called “Wayfarer Guest House”. The decoration of the room is very traditional with good wifi connection. The only problem is that the bed is not very stable.. Lobby is quite big with some free drinks and sofa. Location is definitely very close to the center.

In the evening of the first night, we went to a bar called “Reggae on the river” to have some beer and wine beside the river. The atmosphere was great along the riverside with nice reggae music! The owner is friendly and sometimes he would just sit down and chat with customers randomly.

Wayfarer Guest House

我們在麻六甲住了一個靠近麻六甲河邊的民宿叫做 Wayfarer Guest House, 裡面裝飾非常古色古香, 有種置身仙劍奇俠傳裡的感覺XD 這裡的房子都很長, 所以大廳也很長, 有很多沙發和飲料區. 房間也不錯, 該有的都有 (沒有牙刷), 隔音沒有很好然後床會晃很不穩.. 但以價格來說還是不錯的!麻六甲河邊有一種歐風的感覺耶!! 尤其是晚上超級舒服的. 我們在河邊找到一個靠近民宿的酒吧坐下來喝酒放空, 酒吧叫做 Reggae on the river, 可以聽好聽的雷鬼音樂, 而且老闆很親切, 還會隨性跟客人坐著聊天喔!!

P1050836 P1050907 P1050909 P1050913

第二天我們在街上閒晃找早餐, 發現了在一個白色寺廟對面有一家生意不錯的茂榮茶室, 就決定做下來點了些小點心和粽子, 都很好吃而且很便宜耶!!!! 他們會把所有的點心都端到你面前讓你選, 害我每個都想點!! 記得茶室只營業到中午喔~~

The next morning we were walking on the street to look for breakfast, and found this local restaurant across the white building. The rice cake and the dimsum were all very good and cheap!!! Don’t forget that this restaurant only open until noon time.

P1050918 P1050923 P1050924 P1050926 P1050927

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Weekend Getaway – Malacca eat eat eat trip Part 1

Malacca (Melaka in Malay) is the third smallest Malaysian state in Malaysia, and it’s only around 4.5 hours journey by bus from Singapore (plus customs passing time). It was also inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2008. Therefore a lot of Singaporeans love to visit there during weekend. I finally decided to go for my first visit after 1 year living in Singapore!

麻六甲是馬來西亞靠近新加坡的一個小城市, 聽說很多好吃的, 而且被列為世界遺產之一, 因此搬來新加坡的一年後, 終於決定要去麻六甲度過一個週末! 從新加坡到麻六甲唯一的交通方式就是坐車, 坐巴士(加過海關的時間) 大約4.5小時. 新加坡有很多巴士公司都有營運馬來西亞路線, 因此訂票很方便喔!大部份的起站點在綠線的Lavender station 或是從Lavender station走一小段的Golden Mile Complex (是一棟裡面很多泰國菜還有泰國商品的建築), 至於要搭哪個巴士可以看哪家巴士的停靠站靠近你訂的住宿來決定. 這次我們是在以下這個網站訂的:

Book Online Bus Tickets in Singapore and Malaysia

去程坐 The One Travel & Tours (超級不推, 網路無法選位被排在第一排又是輪胎上面超震, 車子很舊所以司機開超級慢, 在休息站司機莫名不見一小時讓所有人苦等, 竟然坐了7小時才到根本是不可思議..)
回程坐 Luxury Coach Exclusive (推薦!! 網路可以選位, 車況不錯還有電視可以看, 有車長小姐報告車程狀況, 非常準時抵達)

The only way to go to Malacca is by bus/car. We booked the bus ticket via an online website: http://www.busonlineticket.com/
Most of the starting station is at Lavender station or Golden Mile Complex (near Lavender station) and you may decide the bus company based on the destination stop which is closer to the hotel you book.
Outbound: we choose The One Travel & Tours which was a horrible experience (very old bus, drive super slow, no English speaker guide so we don’t know how long the break is during the trip, the driver disappeared during one of the break for an hour.. so eventually took us 7 hours to arrive in Malacca!!!!!)Inbound: we choose Luxury Coach Exclusive which was a great experience (good bus condition, there is 1 english speaking tour guide with us, always efficient when taking a break, and arrived just on time in Singapore)

Because of our unexpected 7 hours bus trip, we arrived at Malacca at 3pm without eating anything but cookies.. we immediately rush to the most famous chicken rice place (Chop Chung Wah) for a BIG late lunch!! There was a long queue but it was worth it! The chicken rice is very special because they roll it into balls which actually taste even better.. in my opinion! haha

結果我們八點出發, 下午三點才到, 實在餓到不行就先衝去最有名的中華茶室, 繼續排隊忍餓20分鐘總算是吃到了好吃的海南雞還有雞飯粒, 菜單也只有這兩樣真是太酷了!! 不知道是不是我太餓了, 我覺得這餐是在麻六甲最好吃的一餐阿!!!




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Great place for relaxation – Langkawi, Malaysia


Sep 1st, 2013

First trip to Malaysia, we chose to stay in Langkawi. This is also my first experience of romantic white beach! We took Air Asia from Singapore to Langkawi, and before checked in, we visited the famous eagle square and had lunch in the city center. It was Malaysia’s National Day so not many restaurants were opened. Luckily we found a quite good local restaurant and ate the delicious tiger shrimp!!

We rent a car in the airport arrival lobby, which was totally a disaster. There were around 20 counters and everyone was crazily shouting at you! We asked 3 stores for price and one man was really pushy and kept forcing us to book his boat trip!! Finally, we found a Toyota car and the woman said it was 1.5 years car for 100 MYR. When we saw the car, we were really shocked cause the car was definitely more than 10 years old!!!

We stayed in a five star hotel, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, cause it’s really close to the beautiful beach. The lobby looks really tropical style, and the room looked nice and bed was very comfortable!



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