Bali – Tanah Lot

Second day we hired a local driver June for 10 hours to take us around Bali.

We read the guidebook and were interested in Seminyak Square weekend market and asked June to take us there. We thought it would be a big market but actually it was quite small and we didn’t find anything interesting… quite disappointing. Then we went to another place called Geneva Handicraft also recommended in the book but it was another disappointment!! There were indeed a lot of stuff but the place seems not to be popular anymore, most of the objects are covered with dust and products are not delicated enough for us… well the price is cheap indeed..

Then June took us to a supermarket which he said a lot of tourists will go. It was better than Geneva Handicraft and also a lot of people. But the things there are very touristic and not very special, so we just looked around.

IMG_5556 IMG_5557

After these weird morning visit, we went to Biku to find something to eat. Biku is famous for its afternoon tea. The building itself is a traditional Joglo style house and the atmosphere is very nice! Too bad we only had a few time because we had massage appointment at 2pm!!


Jeri Menari (dancing finger) is one of the most famous massage in Bali. The price is more expensive but the technique is really good. Strongly recommended!!!

After the massage, we went to Tanah Lot. The temple in the ocean! It was really beautiful and was the best part of today! Everyone need to cross the ocean to get to the temple. It was super excited to cross the ocean because the wave was really high and it’s quite deep!!!

IMG_5569IMG_5570 IMG_5580 IMG_5581 IMG_5589

After you crossed to the temple, you can wash your face with the holy water and donate some money. The staff will give you a flower and also stick rice on your face. Only the followers can enter the temple so tourists will just walk around the temple. IMG_5593

People often come here to see sunset and it was indeed beautiful!!


If you would like to find a driver in Bali. I can recommend our driver June. He is a nice and experienced Balinese driver. Price for 10 hours is Rp. 450,000 which I think is quite cheap comparing to other drivers.

June Schoner +6281238485340

Bali – Seminyak & Kuta

Last year around the same time, we visited Bali the first time. This year we decided to go back again for our weekend getaway!

We arrived at around 9am in the morning and after settling down in the hotel, we went to a restaurant which was recommended by a lot of people on the internet: cheap and nice!
It’s near Jl. Legian and there is a TJ’s mexican food next to it. The avocado juice and mixed juice were great and cheap! Food is also quite good though it’s very hot…


It was just too HOT to walk outside so we just headed to MASSAGE immediately.

MURANO SPA in Seminyak
We booked online first because the massage is usually quite popular. This place is highly recommended on the internet as well so I decided to give it a try! The environment is pretty good with the waterflow and music. It’s clean, the staff is nice and they have everything you need. With this cheap price, you can enjoy a comfortable massage. We tried green tea bath, hot stone massage and also foot massage. Foot massage is our favorite!


After the nice massage, we walked back to Seminyak center and took a look around the area. There are a lot of design stores with designers from all around the world. Not too many local artist work. We somehow got hungry very soon so we just entered the most famous restaurant in Seminyak: Made’s Warung!!!


IMG_5514 IMG_5524

The environment is really nice and there are band performance every day.
Nasi Campur is the MUST order list. It’s a traditional Indonesian food with a lot of side dishes so that you can taste many kinds of food.


After dinner, we continued to shop around Seminyak, and then we found this restaurant (Bale-Bali) which is famous for it’s BBQ pork rib. It was truly delicious!!!!


Finally we went back to our hotel to rest, we stayed at the Stone hotel in Kuta. The pool area is fantastic during the night, we stayed in the big sofa area for a while and ordered some drinks. The drinks were cheaper than we expected! What a nice ending and we are ready for tomorrow’s Tanah Lot visit! IMG_5537 IMG_5538 IMG_5548

The Nyepi (Silent Day) in Bali


2014 Nyepi falls in March 31th. Every year the date is slightly different because this holiday is followed by the Hindu Saka calendar. It is said that the demons are all out on that day, so Balinese will make monsters to terrify the demons. (It is actually quite similar to the Chinese New Year story: we will use fireworks and red scrolls to scare the monster.) These monsters in Bali are called “Ogoh-Ogoh”. It usually takes a few weeks to build this big Ogoh-Ogoh and it takes more than 10 men to carry it. When we were there, we saw a lot of Ogoh-Ogoh just besind the street, ready for the procession in the evening of 30th.

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Ubud – An Art village in Bali

This is my first trip to Bali. Bali has long been famous for its beach and all those resorts. The first day we choose “Ubud” as our destination. The traffic was really bad when we arrived and it took us almost two hours to arrive at Ubud – the middle of the Bali island. P1040600

The village was not what I’ve expected… but in a better way. I thought it would be another resort but surprisingly, this place is full of art and history! The historical sites and temples are well-preserved, and almost all buildings are very local. A lot of stores are full of interesting art piecework. This is the first time that I enjoyed shopping so much in a trip!! P1040632 P1040635 P1040637 P1040642 P1040643

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