The heart of Silk Road – Uzbekistan

As I am writing this post, I am trapped in a train for 40 minutes not knowing why the train is still not going… We booked business class and didn’t expect it would be a small cabin of 6 people. Looking at other 4 Uzbeks, they are waiting patiently, either sleeping, playing mobile phone or staring at the TV on the wall. The TV is playing a singer’s concert. Nobody is curious about what’s going on… not to mention there is no air con, no open window and the temperature is at least 27 degrees… luckily I have my laptop to distract myself…

Complicated History

Being the crossroad of Silk Road, Uzbekistan has a complicated history. I briefly read a book of the country and learned that it has been ruled by many different people, like Persian, Greek, Mongolian, Arabic…, etc, and of course Russian. That is why the locals can look very different, so is the dialects. Oh finally the train started moving before I can still breathe!
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