Hoi An – the most beautiful & calm city in Vietnam

Finally I visited Vietnam and I am glad I chose the most beautiful city – Hoi An. Recently JetStar started the new direct flight from Singapore to Da Nang. From Da Nang to Hoi An by car is around 40 min. We stayed 3 days there and had a wonderful time!

Hoi An is a town in central Vietnam and it’s famous for its ancient and well-preserved buildings. It was one of the economic and trading centers and was selected as UNESCO heritage. There was once a lot of immigrants from Japan, China, the Netherlands and India thus you can see especially the big influence from Chinese culture. It is not allowed to drive cars inside the old town area, only bike and rickshaw, so it’s quiet and calm when you walk around the streets.

P1080366.JPGUnlike most tourist towns where you see many shops selling the same things. Here in Hoi An, a lot of shops are unique, and the qualities are quite good. The old town area has so many streets that it’s impossible to finish all of them.

One thing worth mentioning is that the place is invading by Koreans!! I think most tourists are Korean and I felt I am in Korea.. A lot of Korean groups love to hire richshaw drivers so the below is a normal scene everyday!


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This is my first time to Phuket, but this place is not really impressive for me.. To be honest, I prefer Krabi much more!! It’s a famous place to visit in Thailand, because of the beaches and the surrounding islands.

The most popular street in Phuket should be Bangla Road. Well.. it seems not popular during daytime but if you go there again in the evening, it will become a totally different place — the red light district!!! A lot of crazy stuffs are going around here!! P1060368 P1060371 P1060372 P1060374

Toward the end of the street, you will find yourself in Patong Beach. P1060376

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One-day Trip in Perth & Fremantle

It was a short day trip in Perth and Fremantle because our target was margaret river and we only had 4 days in total. We didn’t get a chance to see the city much, the only two places we visited in Perth were Kings park and a restaurant called Tony Roma’s which was recommended by our hotel staff. The city itself seems to be relaxed and calm, I can feel that it must be a nice city to live in. The morning on our way to Kings park, I could see a lot of people walking and running.

這次的旅行只有四天, 飛機時間又不好, 真正可以逛伯斯+弗里曼特爾的時間只有一天, 所以我們逛了兩個地方: 在市中心的餐廳吃晚飯, 還有第二天早上去逛國王公園 (Kings park). 我們走在路上看到很多人在運動, 感覺是個適宜人居又悠閒的城市. 八月來澳洲果然是很冷阿..

P1060227 P1060228 P1060232 P1060235

Kings Park 真的超大的, 剛好看到一家生意很好的咖啡廳, 就進去買了一杯咖啡, 如果下次可以在這邊吃早午餐看風景感覺很不錯!!

Kings Park is really big!!!! There was a cafe inside the park and looked packed, so we bought a cup of coffee here. Next time we would love to have brunch here like everyone else!!

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Chiang Mai – about markets and food

It seems like everyone has been to Thailand and everyone gave positive feedback on Thailand. Finally I was able to travel to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in August this year!! We went to Bangkok for a short day in order to transfer domestic flight to Chiang Mai.

Basically it would be better to visit Chiang Mai during weekend because there are Saturday and Sunday walking street (market). There is another daily opened night market called “Night Bazaar” but I found it not interesting at all. As for weekend markets, it was overwhelming with cute designer work and I felt like I am paying for souvenirs every 10 min.. ;p

Saturday market: at Wualai Road near Chiang Mai gate. (smaller scale)
P1030971 P1030972 P1030973 P1030975

When the night market started to play National song, everyone including the tourists will stand still during the song, which was really a interesting scene. P1030976

We tried a lot of street food and found the best Thai food sold by this old lady! A small portion is 20 Baht and we came back and bought two more cause it’s just too good!!! P1030979 P1030983 P1030986 P1030988

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