One-day Trip in Perth & Fremantle

It was a short day trip in Perth and Fremantle because our target was margaret river and we only had 4 days in total. We didn’t get a chance to see the city much, the only two places we visited in Perth were Kings park and a restaurant called Tony Roma’s which was recommended by our hotel staff. The city itself seems to be relaxed and calm, I can feel that it must be a nice city to live in. The morning on our way to Kings park, I could see a lot of people walking and running.

這次的旅行只有四天, 飛機時間又不好, 真正可以逛伯斯+弗里曼特爾的時間只有一天, 所以我們逛了兩個地方: 在市中心的餐廳吃晚飯, 還有第二天早上去逛國王公園 (Kings park). 我們走在路上看到很多人在運動, 感覺是個適宜人居又悠閒的城市. 八月來澳洲果然是很冷阿..

P1060227 P1060228 P1060232 P1060235

Kings Park 真的超大的, 剛好看到一家生意很好的咖啡廳, 就進去買了一杯咖啡, 如果下次可以在這邊吃早午餐看風景感覺很不錯!!

Kings Park is really big!!!! There was a cafe inside the park and looked packed, so we bought a cup of coffee here. Next time we would love to have brunch here like everyone else!!

剛好遇到戰爭的紀念活動, 看到一群老兵為同袍獻花覺得很感動!
We bumped into an event to memorize those who lost their lives in the war. P1060241P1060243

Perth looks really beautiful with this Swan River. P1060250P1060254

Tony Roma’s was just a few min walk from our hotel. It was raining but the restaurant was surprisingly full and we had to wait for 45 min to get the table! You can imagine how popular the place was. Families, friends gathering, maybe everyone was there!! The food was pretty nice with reasonable price. I guess that’s why it’s popular!

我們在伯斯吃的晚餐是飯店櫃台推薦的熱門餐廳叫做Tony Roma’s, 它的價位在澳洲算是中等而且食物還滿好吃的, 我們去的時候正在下大雨, 但是居然完全客滿還等了45分鐘才排到座位. 氣氛真的很熱鬧, 有點像是台灣的貴族世家 XD  IMG_4404IMG_4403IMG_4399IMG_4400

Fremantle is a cute little town just 30 min away from Perth. We went there because of its famous weekend market. I love the buildings here.

Fremantle 是一個伯斯近郊的可愛小鎮, 開車大約半小時可以抵達. 我們主要是為了它有名的週末市集而特地繞過來這邊的. 這裡的建築都很歐風很美而且很新!

P1060256 P1060257 P1060258 P1060260 P1060261 P1060262 P1060267

The visitor center is just at Kings Square, next to Town Hall. We took the map and walked all the way along High Street to the harbour and saw the “Round House”. It is the oldest public building in the State of Western Australia. It was built in 1831 as a prison.

遊客中心就位在國王廣場, 也就是市政廳的旁邊. 我們拿了一張地圖然後沿著 High Street 走到港口邊, 參觀了 Round House. 這是西澳最古老的建築, 而且建造的最初目的是當監獄, 裡面可以看到犯人的房間還有一些處決的刑具. 入場是自由樂捐.


Finally it was the highlight of today, the weekend market!! We had a yummy crepe, bought Australian honey and chorizo. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to finish the market..

接著就是重頭戲–週末市集!!! 裡面真的很好逛喔~吃到超好吃的可麗餅, 買了澳洲蜂蜜還有chorizo 臘腸, 可惜時間真的太趕了, 沒有辦法全部逛完 😦 P1060275P1060276

Before we headed off to Margaret River, our final stop is a famous restaurant in Fremantle – Little Creatures. It is famous for its beer!!!! The food there was also very good! We had some pizza and oyster, and the view outside was nice.

Little Creatures 是在這邊很有名的一家餐廳, 人超級多, 啤酒很有名, 餐廳旁邊就是它的釀酒廠, 果然啤酒好喝, 東西也好吃, 坐在戶外看海邊的風景很悠閒喔!


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