Chiang Mai – about markets and food

It seems like everyone has been to Thailand and everyone gave positive feedback on Thailand. Finally I was able to travel to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in August this year!! We went to Bangkok for a short day in order to transfer domestic flight to Chiang Mai.

Basically it would be better to visit Chiang Mai during weekend because there are Saturday and Sunday walking street (market). There is another daily opened night market called “Night Bazaar” but I found it not interesting at all. As for weekend markets, it was overwhelming with cute designer work and I felt like I am paying for souvenirs every 10 min.. ;p

Saturday market: at Wualai Road near Chiang Mai gate. (smaller scale)
P1030971 P1030972 P1030973 P1030975

When the night market started to play National song, everyone including the tourists will stand still during the song, which was really a interesting scene. P1030976

We tried a lot of street food and found the best Thai food sold by this old lady! A small portion is 20 Baht and we came back and bought two more cause it’s just too good!!! P1030979 P1030983 P1030986 P1030988

Sunday market: at Ratchadamnoen Road near Taepai gate. (bigger scale)P1040024 P1050507 P1040029

Sunday market is more crowded and has more shops but actually I bought most of the things in Saturday market. Here is another photo of everyone standing still when the market played National song. P1040033

Then.. it was pouring rain.. It was the raining season so every night it will rain heavily.. fortunately we were well-prepared with rain coat so we were still shopping and looking around. hahaP1050512

These are the things I bought from weekend markets.. a lot of elephants I know. I just love elephant so much and these things are just too difficult to resist!!! To my surprise, a lot of stands are actually self-designed products so you don’t really find similar things in most stands. The price is not expensive at all and the quality is pretty good. This was so far the most pleasant shopping experience ever! IMG_1547

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