(e-book review) My New Life in Sweden

My New Life in Sweden by Stephanie Mikneus

I got a new Kindle last December as a birthday gift so I tried to download some interesting ebooks from Kindle Store. Since Kindle 4 only support English, I need to find books that are not too difficult to read and must be free of course! I believe I can find tons of book about Sweden but a book about Umea?! No way!

This is a story about a American girl’s 4-year university life in Umea, Sweden. I was once an exchange student in Umea for a year when I was a junior in university, so I might find some similar stories in this book! I can’t wait to read it, and indeed it brought back so much memories of my life there… Ålidhem, Fika, International Business Program, Umea University… 

This was indeed an easy book to read, but I felt a bit disappointed that the author spent quite a lot of paragraph on the relationship with her boyfriend instead of life of Umea. Still, it is worth reading if you would like to know more about northern Sweden!


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