(e-book review) Club College: Why So Many Universities Look Like Resorts

Club College: Why So Many Universities Look Like Resorts
written by Andrew S. Rosen

This is another free eBook which I just finished this week. Although I’ve never studied in the US, I would love to know more about why many universities are like resorts! This book does clearly explain why American tuition is super expensive, not to mention how much burden it has caused for some people who wish to study in the US.

The Author explains in details on how universities spend endless resources on non-educational related things like dorms, restaurants, and gyms.. It is indeed good to have competition between schools so that schools will try to improve year after year. But it turns out that when they think education resources like professors, libraries.. are difficult to improve or stand out from others, they will start to compete on something else which makes schools an even better resorts than the real resorts! And those expenses not only reflect on government, but also students expenses. You may just use swimming pool once a month, but you are paying all the maintenance fee…etc.

This is truly eye opening to see a lot of  true evidence about how universities build up their luxurious offerings which definitely distract students attention on studying. It was also interesting to learn the “Texas College Climbing Wall War”. It would have been much better if these resources could have been used in educational things. I agree that equipments should be improved once in a while but maybe not too much.


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