Great place for relaxation – Langkawi, Malaysia


Sep 1st, 2013

First trip to Malaysia, we chose to stay in Langkawi. This is also my first experience of romantic white beach! We took Air Asia from Singapore to Langkawi, and before checked in, we visited the famous eagle square and had lunch in the city center. It was Malaysia’s National Day so not many restaurants were opened. Luckily we found a quite good local restaurant and ate the delicious tiger shrimp!!

We rent a car in the airport arrival lobby, which was totally a disaster. There were around 20 counters and everyone was crazily shouting at you! We asked 3 stores for price and one man was really pushy and kept forcing us to book his boat trip!! Finally, we found a Toyota car and the woman said it was 1.5 years car for 100 MYR. When we saw the car, we were really shocked cause the car was definitely more than 10 years old!!!

We stayed in a five star hotel, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, cause it’s really close to the beautiful beach. The lobby looks really tropical style, and the room looked nice and bed was very comfortable!



The hotel is quite big with spa, gym and pools.. We headed to the lovely beach (Pantai Cenang). It was definitely worth a visit! Beautiful & relaxing.

Special seats for proposal??!! Girls would definitely say YES!!! P1030778


We had dinner at La Sal Cocktail Bar, which is the restaurant of Casa del Mar Langkawi (a hotel just next to our hotel). The ambiance was just too PERFECT!!! I can allow my feet to feel the sand while eating, weather is not cold or hot, and listen to the sound of the ocean. I totally forgot everything and just enjoy the moment!! Most important of all, the FOOD is VERY delicious!!!!

I found this photo in the official website of the hotel. Attractive?!!


We had three main dishes: grilled white cod, Australian beef, and a local Malaysian platter. All of them were great with white wine and red wine. I especially miss the dessert, the perfect chocolate cake!!! How could I forget!!!!!

IMG-20130908-WA0002 IMG-20130908-WA0003 IMG-20130908-WA0004

The next day, we just walked along the beach and took some photos. Great place for a weekend relaxation!




P.S. I really need to complain about this hotel cause the service was horrible. Everytime we requested something, it took hours for them to deliver to us. Also, a lot of staff had bad attitude.. I saw a lot of good reviews online, but for us, it was a bad experience. If I ever visit Langkawi again, I will definitely not stay in this hotel again!!


  1. Hi Christine, many thanks for the useful tips and interesting article. I stayed at the Meritus recently too and experienced lunch at Casa del Mar. You were right: the “perfect chocolate cake” is fantastic! Cheers, Elisa

    • Hey Elisa, I am glad you tried the chocolate cake and enjoyed it a lot!! I am also happy to find that you found some useful tips in this article 🙂

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