Food in Singapore

1. When you come to SG, you should never miss the “Bak Kut Teh” (肉骨茶). All travel books would introduce around 4~5 famous Bak Kut Teh and after trying 3 stores, I think the best one is SongFa (松發).

The meat is soft and tasty, and I love the soup. It contains a lot of peppers but SongFa’s soup is not that spicy. You can always ask for a refill of soup but the refills are not as good as the original one.

I visited SongFa near Clarke Quay on both SG trips and my comment is still the same. GREAT!!!



Another famous Ng Ah Sio (黃亞細)


2. Crab is another famous food here. I tried chili crab and black pepper crab but to be honest, I am not impressed. The crab is indeed huge but the meat didn’t really have taste. I can only taste the sauce… I think the crab in Taiwan is much better ;p The following chili crab is taken in Seafood Republic in Sentosa.


3. It’s dessert actually. TWG, singapore’s finest tea shop, expensive but taste really good. I bought green tea with fruit flavor. The macarron is also very special cause they are all tea flavors.


4. Hainanese Chicken rice: I tried Tian Tian (天天) Loy Kee (犁記), and Wee Nam Kee (威南記). The below photo is Tian Tian. My ranking would be Wee Nam Kee > Loy Kee > Tian Tian. The sauce & chicken of Wee Nam Kee is super delicious!!! Sauce is definitely the key of this dish!!! Love it!


5. Ya Kun (亞坤): Kaya Toast with butter is my favorite!!!! I went there almost every day when I was in SG. The toast is crispy and the kaya with butter are great match! The coffee here is also very special! Singaporean love to have coffee here. Kaya is everywhere so you MUST try!!! ImageImage

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