Bugis – Singapore

Sultan Mosque is the most famous landmark in Bugis. Bugis is known as the Muslim area in Singapore. You could feel the unique culture once you arrived. There are a lot of stores selling carpet and it makes me think of the Disney cartoon Aladdin!!!


It took us quite a long time before we found this famous milk tea shop in the travel guide. Indeed it’s quite popular among local people. When we were buying the milk tea, the person next to us even told us that we are at the right place because it’s the best milk tea here! It’s interesting that the milk tea is available in hot one only, but it was really good!!! I would come back again for sure!!


Dinner time! We decided to eat at ZamZam. It’s a famous restaurant here and it had more than 100 years history. The food is very local with fair price. I like it pretty much!


It was a short visit cause we didn’t have enough time to look more. Next time I should visit the Bugis street, Bugis junction and Haji lane!

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