(Book review) Dear John


Wow.. I haven’t been reading a lot lately. It’s amazing how calm and free you can feel when you are in a foreign country. I actually got 30 min on weekday before bed time and more than 1 hour to read on weekends after I moved to Singapore. For the past two weeks, I have been reading “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve watched several movies originated from Nicholas’ novel, but “Dear John” is the first one that I actually bought the book to read.

To be honest, for a foreign reader, it’s impossible to understand every word, but for this book, it never really spoiled the fun and pace even you can’t understand some of the vocabulary. The story is about a soldier, John and the girl Savannah. The author describes really well on how they first met and how much they love each other even they are apart most of the time. I can really feel their strong love just by those words on the book. Well, my favorite part is actually not about the love between the young two but the part Nicholas describes about John and his autistic father’s interaction from childhood to adult. I could totally imagine how difficult it is for his father to raise John and bear with his rebellion. I burst out crying when I read about the last time John spent with his father before he died and finally told him that he was the greatest dad ever.

I think we should never complain about our parents. Sometimes we might think that we could have been better if our parents were like someone else, but we will eventually come to realize that no matter what our parents have done, they have always been giving us the best they can.

As for the love part, I hate long-distant relationship and I don’t really believe that it would work out. Every couple need a lot of time to know each other and to be together for happiness and difficulties. Though this is not a happy-ending story like I usually love, I still love this novel a lot. I am impressed by what John did for Savannah in the end, and I think that’s what true love is all about… hoping the other one could be happy. It’s a heartbreaking ending.. and I felt sad after reading it, but I believe the author successfully show us what true love really is through his words.

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