Vietnam -Royal Tomb 越南順化的皇陵之旅


If you are in Hue, you cannot miss the royal tomb in the suburb. There were 3 tombs and one temple around the area. We hired a driver to take us to two of the tombs on our way from Hoi An to Hue.

啓定皇陵 Khai Dinh Tomb


This is the tomb of the second last king of the Nguyen dynasty. He is very close to France so he imported many things from France which you can also see when you visit.


嗣德皇陵 Tu Duc Tomb


Different from the traditional style of tomb, this place have pond, bridge, and trees which makes it more like a park. This king started to use this place when he is still alive. What is interesting for us is that we saw a lot of ancient documents but the words are actually Chinese so we can read it easily!!


天姥寺 Chua Thien Mu


More than 400 years of history, this 7 levels tower besides the temple represents 7 different rebirth types of Buddha in the land. It is said that there was once an old woman who mentioned that a wisdom king will build a temple here, therefore, the first king of Nguyen Dynasty decided to build this temple.


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