Fish Market, Darling Harbour, Happy New Year 2014 in Sydney

Today is the last day of 2013!!!! Crossing the Darling Harbour, we arrived at the Fish Market — the cheapest seafood you can get in Sydney =) The weather is super hot and It’s crowded with people in the market.


We choose the first store near the entrance cause we are too excited to look around and compare!! We order oyster, lobster and shrimps!!! Oyster is only less than AUD 2 each though it’s not too big haha!!!! Definitely a great meal and every store looks great. But the seats are limited so have to wait for a while before we eat.


After the delicious meal, we walk along the Darling Harbour and ah Pie is so excited about the great weather!! ImageImage

Later we went back to hotel for a rest and head to our firework spot – Midnight at the Oasis – at 5:30pm!!! The party starts at 6:30 and they provide some salad first. The view is great and ah pie is too excited that he even stands up to see the Opera House :p


There are really cool performance in the evening and dance floor for people to have fun. The food is okay and we sit with really nice people and have a great time. The first firework show at 9pm is terrific not to mention the real show at 12!!! I didn’t take photos cause I wanna enjoy the once in a life time fireworks and it was truly worthy! The best fireworks ever!!!

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