Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney

First day of 2014, we visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park which is around 50 min drive from Sydney City center. There are 3 main zoo near Sydney. I saw a lot of good comments on this one and it allows tourists to touch the koala for free, so we decided to come here! This zoo is not big but we still stayed there for 4 hours! A lot of animals were just outside walking around with the tourists. I also saw some interesting creatures which didn’t exist in Asia. The kangaroos were so lazy and laid down almost all day… 


The koala is super adorable!!!! They are mostly sleeping as well but in all kinds of cute gestures!!! There is a Koala Sanctuary place where we can touch them and take a photo with them!



Wombat is another special animal in Australia but sadly he was sleeping whole day inside a wood.. so didn’t get a chance to see it clearly!! I bet he must be cute as well!!


Although the zoo is small but it provides many opportunities to have close contact with some animals. There are also animal feeding show every hour and the staff will introduce the animal to everyone. We had a fun time there!

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