Krabi Thailand – Beach Heaven Part 1

Krabi is a perfect place if you are looking for somewhere to lie down near the ocean, think nothing but just relax. This is the reason why we came here. We flew Tigerair from Singapore to Krabi and arrived early in the morning which is just great to start the day!
如果你想要在海邊放空或是穿梭在各個美麗的小島上浮淺和划船, 來喀比就對了!有藍天白雲和美麗的海底生物, 加上好客熱情的泰國人, 絕對可以玩得很開心!

We stayed at Tolmaj Family Apartment. It’s highly recommended for group because it can accommodated more than 10 people and it has huge living room, kitchen and tons of DVD. There are 6 of us so the owner gave us access to First & second floor. It’s around 15-20min walk to the local beaches, but maybe 30 min walk to the shopping area, so it might not be too convenient for family with kids or elderly. The owner also offers transportation services to/from the airport. Ground floor is actually a steak house run by the owner, but we didn’t get a chance to try this time.
我們住的Tolmaj Family Apartment 非常適合一大群人住, 因為那整棟有三層樓, 裡面大概可以住20幾個人都沒問題. 我們六個人住, 當天也沒有別的客人, 老闆讓我們使用兩層樓真是綽綽有餘. 裡面有很大的廚房和客廳, 加上一堆DVD, 一樓還有老闆經營的牛排館, 走路到海邊只要15分鐘, 還滿方便的. 缺點可能是附近沒什麼吃的, 要到主要逛街區走路的話要30分鐘, 相對比較不方便. 民宿老闆是荷蘭人, 定居在那邊很久了, 主要目標是將它的牛排館成為Krabi重要地標(應該已經達成),可惜這次沒機會吃到.

When we first see the beach, we just gone crazy cause it’s soooo beautiful and clear!!!!
炎熱的午後在我們終於看到海邊的那一刻, 忍不著尖叫!!!!!終於看到清透的海了!!!

It’s really hot to walk along the main street during noon time!! We visited Krabi in Mid May which is off season with big possibility to rain. Luckily it was sunny and only rained in the evening. The restaurants in the main street are mostly mix food of Thai & other European countries. We tried one but it was disappointed cause it’s not very traditional Thai food. NOT recommended to eat in main street if you are looking for REAL thai food!!
雖然我們在五月中去Krabi是淡季(有下大雨的風險), 但幸運的是那幾天只有晚上下大雨, 白天都非常熱, 所以正中午走在街上找吃的實在很痛苦.. 看了幾家餐廳都覺得不是很道地, 每一家都是泰式+瑞士菜, 或是泰式+瑞典菜, 泰式+德國菜… 想在泰國吃泰國菜這麼難嗎?!!! 最後真的很熱就隨便選一家進去, 果然吃起來又貴又不道地.. QQ 建議大家不要在大馬路上找食物阿!!~~
P1050991 P1060007

After foot massage we randomly found in main street, we walked along the beach… the local beaches in Ao Nang are actually not very attractive comparing to the beach in other small islands (which we found out the next day after we visited those lovely islands)
吃了不怎樣的午餐後, 就在附近找了一家看起來裝潢不錯的按摩店做一小時的腳底按摩, 順便吹冷氣睡覺. 等著天涼一點的時候去海邊散步!! 其實這邊的海雖然很美, 但是沙灘並沒有特別漂亮, 是暗層的沙子搭配些許垃圾, 好險第二天去其他島上才知道原來美麗的沙灘都在外海的島上, 所以這邊不用花太多時間駐留. 哈哈

Towards the end of the road, there is a bar called”the Last Fisherman” recommended by our apartment owner. It is a nice place to have some fruit juice or beer while enjoying the sea view and beautiful sunset.
在海邊的盡頭有一家民宿老闆推薦的酒吧叫做The Last Fisherman, 在這邊喝果汁看夕陽非常愜意, 可能是位置非常偏遠並沒有很多人, 所以很舒服!P1060037 P1060038 P1060078

For dinner, we chose to go to Krua Thara, a famous seafood restaurant here. Tuk Tuk Taxi from the center to the beach is 40-50 Baht per person which is kind of expensive and dangerous!! haha! The food is reasonably priced and very delicious!!!!!! We called it a day and then looking forward to our main tour toward to sea tomorrow!!!!
(Part 2 to be continued…)
晚上我們搭乘超貴的嘟嘟車 (50 Baht/人, 三個人一臺), 去這邊有名的海鮮餐廳 Krua Thara吃晚餐. 果然餐廳超多人, 食物平價又好吃!! 撫慰了我們中餐受傷的心靈!!! 這次主要的行程是訂了 Trip Advisor 排名第一的一日行程, 所以非常期待明天!! 請繼續閱讀Part 2喔!

P1060092 P1060094

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