Weekend Getaway – Malacca eat eat eat trip Part 2

We stayed at a guest house just besides Malacca River, which is called “Wayfarer Guest House”. The decoration of the room is very traditional with good wifi connection. The only problem is that the bed is not very stable.. Lobby is quite big with some free drinks and sofa. Location is definitely very close to the center.

In the evening of the first night, we went to a bar called “Reggae on the river” to have some beer and wine beside the river. The atmosphere was great along the riverside with nice reggae music! The owner is friendly and sometimes he would just sit down and chat with customers randomly.

Wayfarer Guest House

我們在麻六甲住了一個靠近麻六甲河邊的民宿叫做 Wayfarer Guest House, 裡面裝飾非常古色古香, 有種置身仙劍奇俠傳裡的感覺XD 這裡的房子都很長, 所以大廳也很長, 有很多沙發和飲料區. 房間也不錯, 該有的都有 (沒有牙刷), 隔音沒有很好然後床會晃很不穩.. 但以價格來說還是不錯的!麻六甲河邊有一種歐風的感覺耶!! 尤其是晚上超級舒服的. 我們在河邊找到一個靠近民宿的酒吧坐下來喝酒放空, 酒吧叫做 Reggae on the river, 可以聽好聽的雷鬼音樂, 而且老闆很親切, 還會隨性跟客人坐著聊天喔!!

P1050836 P1050907 P1050909 P1050913

第二天我們在街上閒晃找早餐, 發現了在一個白色寺廟對面有一家生意不錯的茂榮茶室, 就決定做下來點了些小點心和粽子, 都很好吃而且很便宜耶!!!! 他們會把所有的點心都端到你面前讓你選, 害我每個都想點!! 記得茶室只營業到中午喔~~

The next morning we were walking on the street to look for breakfast, and found this local restaurant across the white building. The rice cake and the dimsum were all very good and cheap!!! Don’t forget that this restaurant only open until noon time.

P1050918 P1050923 P1050924 P1050926 P1050927

I truly enjoy walking around the city because the buildings and the streets are really special and well-maintained with the traditional style and atmosphere.

在麻六甲的街上晃晃真的很開心, 感覺來到不同的時代, 看到這些建築和街道都保存的這麼好, 覺得真的很不可思議. 在這裡真的有來到南洋的感覺, 而且看到好多跟鄭和有關的字眼, 所以”下西洋”就一直在腦海迴盪.. 哈哈

P1050915 P1050917P1050928 P1050929 P1050933P1050922 P1050935 P1050938 P1050939

剛吃完早餐就去吃甜點很像怪怪的, 但是我們下午就要回新加坡只好正中午去朝聖 Nadeje 甜點店 (招牌是有點模仿 Ladurée嗎?!) 我們去的是在Mahkota Parade 百貨一樓的分店. 才一坐下後面就排一長條隊伍.. 這裡就是專賣千層蛋糕的店, 每個人都把蛋糕當正餐吃的樣子.. 右邊一對情侶點了三個蛋糕, 左邊三個新加坡媽媽點了6個蛋糕.. 是怎麼樣!! 蛋糕明明就好大一塊而且一個也要一百多台幣耶!!! 害得我們本來要分一個蛋糕的就不甘示弱的點了2個, 根本超脹阿!! 而且沒有期待中的好吃.. 原味的還不錯, 但是加了好多奶油耶.. 吃久了有點膩, 堤拉米蘇也是熱銷, 但沒有原味的好吃.

Nadeje is the most popular dessert shop in Malaysia famous for its mille crepe. We went to the branch at Mahkota Parade at noon time and there was a long queue after we walked in!! (LUCKY US!) The cake was around 130MYR each (quite big portion and expensive) but every table in the restaurant ordered so many cakes that we eventually decided to ordered two and can hardly finish them. The 3 Singaporean moms next to us actually ordered 6 pieces |o| The original flavour was actually quite good (but too much butter for me) and the tiramisu one was okay.. a bit dissapointing!!

Nadeje Cake Shop

P1050946 P1050951 P1050953 P1050954

After too many desserts, we were in need of something SALTY!!! We rushed back to the main street for another yummy laksa in Kocih Kitchen!! I think this is the best laksa I’ve ever tried so far, even better than the one i had yesterday at Jonker 88!!! Strongly recommended!! They also have some other dishes but we are too full to order other stuff.

吃完兩個超大千層蛋糕, 我們感受到胃急需鹹食, 所以就立馬跑去小姑廚房吃Laksa!! 這間的Laksa是我吃過最好吃的耶!! 比昨天大寶小食的好吃而且又不會很辣. 它的其他食物看起來也很好吃, 可惜我們吃不下就沒點了

P1050967 P1050968

最後時光在附近買了一個可愛的紀念品. 然後繼續逛~
We continued to walk around the cute city.

P1050957 P1050960 P1050962 P1050963 P1050972

鄭和茶館外觀太吸引人了, 我們忍不住進去喝杯茶, 悠閒渡過悶熱的午後. 鄭和茶館除了可以泡茶聊天, 還是一個博物館, 展示很多鄭和相關物品. 我們沒有買票去參觀, 但是老闆很熱情的邀我們到屋頂俯視麻六甲, 還說以後想要在屋頂開一間酒吧.屋頂就可以看到一堆紅色的磚瓦. 老闆還特地說一定要介紹的故事是鄭和從非洲帶回的第一隻長頸鹿到麻六甲, 大家還以為是麒麟!!! 哈哈哈

“Laksamana Tea House” attracted us by its beautiful appearance. We walked in to enjoy some tea and the afternoon breeze. This place is also a museum of Laksamana Cheng Ho who was a very important and influential person to Malacca during Ming Dynasty. The owner was kind enough to take us to the rooftop to overlook the view of the city!! He said that he wanna open a bar at rooftop in the future!!

P1050916P1050974 P1050975 P1050976 P1050981

Our final stop before heading back is the “Hoe Kee Chicken Rice”,which is another famous chicken rice in Malacca. We thought the chicken here is better but the rice ball in Chung Wah is better!! 

和記雞飯似乎也是這裡必吃之一. 所以我們回新加坡前的最後一餐就來這邊吃. 心得是覺得這邊的雞肉比較嫩比較好吃, 但是雞飯粒是中華的比較好吃~~ 真是不能兩全其美阿!! P1050983

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